Life happens…

What to do when disaster strikes the places we have been through?

We can give money, and we do, but we’re only 1 family.

A big part of the old town section of Shangri La, in Yunnan province in China burned in Jan 2014.  Tremendously sad, these buildings were hundreds of years old and very beautiful.

As we all know, Nepal was struck by an earthquake in the spring of 2015.  Many of the areas we were in were completely destroyed.  The temples of Kathmandu, Kyanjin Gompa, Thulo Syrabru, all destroyed.  Many people died, possibly many that we met and shared experiences with.

Many other places have flooded, experienced violence, or had another malady.  We try to raise awareness of all of this.  Life goes on for all of us even when disaster strikes.

Hello friends from around the world…

Hi there,

This is John & Emily, the bicycle tourists you met along that way.  Our old website died in 2013, somehow it got infected with some web germ.  Not good.

We’ll work to rebuild the site.  No idea if it’s going to be hard or easy.  My guess is hard, but hard is somewhat a relative term.  It’s sitting at a computer, staring at a screen.  Not digging in the field, working in the sun, cold, heat, or riding a bike up a big Himalayan pass.

So bear with us as we get this going again.