Photos are a bit of a jumble I’m afraid to say. The photo pages that are on this website are stored externally from this website, that’s why they still work. Whatever that malware was, it took away our photos that were stored on this site.  Bummer.  We have the photos but lost the captions.  If you’re patient you can see the ‘lost’ photos by following the links below.  If anything, you can get a good glimpse of the beauty and culture of these areas:

(It’s a work in progress, making a simple little list with links like below is a tedious process)

New Zealand
North Island
Tongariro National Park (Lord of the Rings!)
Wanganui River Road
Wellington and Martinsborough

South Island
Kayak trip
Mt Cook National Park
Milford Sound
Mavora Lakes and Queenstown
New South Wales

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