It’s hard to believe, but India was one of our favorite countries for cycling!  The most crowded country on the planet is our favorite place for riding a bike?  Sounds strange I know, but check out these pictures.

Another amazing tidbit of info, we drank the most untreated water from streams in India!  Again, Himalayas and we can see the glacier its coming from.

We flew in to Delhi from Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China.  We hoped to ride across Tibet, but it was impossible for us due to political reasons.  From Delhi we took an overnight train out of the city and woke up in a familiar setting- a town we’ve never been in before, can’t speak the language, and we have to find our way out on the (correct) road.

Up, up, up.  We are slowly heading in to the Himalaya!  We rode in to Kashmir, to Ladahk, through the Spiti Valley, and out in to the lowlands of India at Rishikesh.

Here are our pages of pictures, hover your cursor over the images for the caption.


First pictures of Ladahk

Mulbehk to Leh

Village of Lamayuru

Village of Alchi and monastery

Killing time around Leh

Leh to Keylong

Keylong to Rampur (Spiti Valley)

Rampur to Nepal


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