Did you know the US military deployed millions of landmines in Laos during the Vietnam war- even though Laos was officially neutral?  The people of Laos, today, now, are still being maimed and killed by these landmines.

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P1110097 (Medium).JPG
P1110098 (Medium).JPGP1110100 (Medium).JPGP1110101 (Medium).JPGP1110102 (Medium).JPGP1110103 (Medium).JPG
P1110104 (Medium).JPGP1110099 (Medium).JPGP1110106 (Medium).JPGP1110105 (Medium).JPGP1110109 (Medium).JPGP1110107 (Medium).JPG
P1110108 (Medium).JPGP1110110 (Medium).JPGP1110111 (Medium).JPGP1110112 (Medium).JPG
P1110113 (Medium).JPGP1110114 (Medium).JPGP1110115 (Medium).JPGP1110116 (Medium).JPGP1110117 (Medium).JPG
P1110119 (Medium).JPG

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