First photos from Ladahk

P1150641 (Medium).JPGP1150646 (Medium).JPGP1150653 (Medium).JPGP1150660 (Medium).JPGP1150658 (Medium).JPGP1150659 (Medium).JPG
P1150664 (Medium).JPG
P1150669 (Medium).JPGP1150670 (Medium).JPGP1150676 (Medium).JPGP1150683 (Medium).JPGP1150687 (Medium).JPGP1150697 (Medium).JPGP1150701 (Medium).JPG
P1150713 (Medium).JPGP1150732 (Medium).JPGP1150750 (Medium).JPGP1150742Paul (Medium).JPG

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One thought on “First photos from Ladahk”

  1. i love your photo gallery. i wish to travel same place that you posted on your website. i live in Punjab (India) but i never get chance to travel across the boundaries of Punjab. Right now i moved to Canada, but still its my dream to explore India. thanks for posting your photos. these photo make me more exited to travel towards j&k.

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